Tumulario, Metal Crudo, Bogotá

Actualizada a las 16 horas del 01 de agosto de 2017. Spanish version.

This band from Bogota is formed with the purpose of touch Raw Metal. Currently the band works on its first songs. A set of ideas where all its members touch metal. This Raw Metal interpreted by Tumulario, is the primitive sound, which does not seek to be technical, and which is responsible for transmitting the whole energy of this band provided by the metal.

A Raw Metal in the who work daily and they are making their way of life. The band Tumulario is directly influenced genres such as the Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Speed, Death Metal, Doom Metal. Genres that have been directly responsible for the process of its composition. A band that is not pigeonholed within a category of metal, but also provides a free event from the most quiet of the human mind, until its more twisted ideas. This band from Bogota borns starting the 2014, in which a common idea of Balrog’s Chains and Morgul, who with the firm conviction of creating a band, lead to the reality of its initial proposal.

After a few months of work Tumulario begins to give live presentations. In the large living experiences in events of good importance in the city. The group decides to include a new member to its alignment: Abrahel, playing the bass in the band. Exposes it’s first work Tumulario EP entitled: Renace el Crudo Metal. Material of which were distributed 66 copies per Morbid rite Records and in where you can appreciate the engineering of Solitude Records, which includes five tracks of a forceful Raw Metal Sound.