Tmr |Thrash Metal Crossover Bands From Pereira


Tmr Metal Pictures

T.M.R. (Thrash Militian Revolution) is a music band that finds its means of expression by addressing issues such as the armed and social conflict in Colombia throughout its history, and pointing out international issues that in some way or another affect many countries.

T.M.R. (Thrash Militian Revolution) would begin their journey at the 2010 made his debut in November of the same year, after a couple of tests and to record a simple called 'Against the State (Against the State)', a name that clearly reflects the intention of the group through its musical proposal.

This Thrash Metal band Crossover already has an EP with 4 songs:

Falso Positivo
Chainsaw Justice
Persecucion Policial
Against the State

T.M.R. has already made several presentations or metal concerts, and have even come to the Festival Convivencia Rock.

Its lyrics are in Spanish for the most part, and some in English with the intention to be projected at the international level as a band. During his short life as a grouping of metal have already undergone several changes in its alignment, which has allowed them to harden their sound.