Tears Of Misery, Death Metal, Bogotá

Actualizada a las 16 horas del 20 de febrero de 2018. Spanish version.

Tears Of Misery (Colombian band) has its beginnings in the 2000 where through gender Thrash Metal and under the name of Lagrimas de Miseria are made known. In 2002 the band is looking for a different sound focused on the Death Metal and changed its name to Tears of Misery.

In the 2006 year they recorded their first Demo "State of Catharsis" a Melodic Death Metal band sound with shades of Doom Metal. Toward the middle of 2007 the band resumed activities with Diego Gutiérrez (vocals) and performs concerts in different places, sharing the stage with bands of great career. Through composing Tears Of Misery manages to find a musical identity framed in what they define as a Latin American Death Metal Band.