Sacred Goat, Metal, Bogotá

Actualizada a las 22 horas del 30 de agosto de 2018. Spanish version.

Sacred Goat is one of the colombian metal bands of the city of Bogota, starting in 2010 after that members of former metal projects carried out the original idea, which would lead to life the ideas of what would be Sacred Goat. This band seeks to enrich its own style. For that reason, they are looking to the guitars have sufficient aggressiveness, forceful, but especially necessary harmony in the band, supports in the choruses. It is this set of features which make Sacred Goat is a very original concept.

The ideology of the band Sacred Goat revolves around the everyday led to the metal end of a completely distorted way in which it is immersed the human being and the society to which it belongs, his lyrics and music seek to translate the fear, constantly wishes, aberrations, violence and frustrations, which are the cause of the irrationality.

Sacred Goat has had a great journey through the scene of the metal bands in Colombia.