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RosaNegra a colombian alternative metal band, created in 2004 by Jhonathan Barrier, Jennifer Arias and Elkyn Arias, who would join then Giovanny Niño. A number of changes have been submitted in the alignment of the band throughout its history, following a path of exploration through the sounds of the alternative metal. This Colombian band offers us a female voice of a great level, which through their melodies express magic in the scenario. RosaNegra is a great proposal within the national scene with a good experience and they want to continue producing a myriad of record productions. Within the events that have marked his career to date are:

Eliminatorias Rock Pop Costeña 2004

Rock Comic 2005 del Rock al Parque año 2005 (en la carpa distrito rock)

Festival audiovisual Algoimagen 2006

Nominados Premios Breick 2008

Feria del libro Guadalajara, México (videoclip)

Javeriana Estéreo


LAUD estéreo

Fortín del Caballero Negro

Eliminatorias Rock Hyntiba

City TV (video clip musical)

Canal 13 (video clip musical)

Concierto Acústico junto a Kraken

Festival Ibagué Gótico

Lanzamiento del Evanescence Colombia’s Fan Club

Bandas ALTERNA (Finalistas en el concurso)

The grand launch of the first EP of RosaNegra would be in the year 2009, always keeping in mind the idea of engaging in the music market in Latin America, it is for this reason that the band has a team of people in which the quality is embodied through its recordings. The producer of its first Ep was charged with Jorge Holguín "Pyngwi" an expert in the area of the colombian rock (Art&Co Records), who already has a background that speaks for itself: The Black Cat Bone, Don Tetto, Sin Animo De Lucro, The Sie7e and The Mills, among other artists. Mixed by Boris Milan (The Sie7e, Don Tetto, Carlos Santana) two times winner of the Latin Grammy awards (Milan Studios Inc.) in Miami and masterized by Carlos Silva (C1 Mastering). RosaNegra continues recording and producing new material that will be heard in many places. His next album album, will be named Alma Perfecta(Soul Perfect) where contained the names of Andrés Roncancio, sound engineer and music producer who was in charge of mixing and production. Part of the mastering of this new album of RosaNegra is in charge of Toto Strapporava in Argentina in the Romaphonic studies. A great team with which expect to be in the already very high levels of the music industry.