Pseudopathological Vivisection, Brutal Slamming Death Metal, Manizales

Actualizada a las 12 horas del 17 de septiembre de 2018. Spanish version.

Pseudopathological Vivisection is a Colombian band focused on the Death Metal of Manizales, Caldas. Was engendered in the year 2011 by the voice and bass of Ivan David Buitrago, and Julián Echeverri (guitar).

Its first album was recorded by them, called 'Atrocious and Grotesque', the 12 of April of the year 2012.

Their second album, similarly was self-produced, the 13th of July of the 2014 year, entitled 'Inhuman (Un)Conscious'.

Even when the world descend and through their veins begins to run only darkness, the music of Pseudopathological Vivisection will continue sounding, with guitars with very strong distortions, a very powerful bass and some drums fully wrecking next to the deep voices that merging the Slam and the Groove along with what is most striking of Brutal Death Metal classic make the Colombian band Pseudopathological Vivisection a great reference point for a new wave of cultural metal in Manizales and Colombia.