Poker, Rock|Metal, Bogotá

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Poker is a Colombian group, inspired in rock and roll and also metal, was made in Bogota in 2009, simply by Laura Angulo, Paola Rodriguez, Luz Silva and Daniela Suarez.

It would be made up of four girls aged between 14 and 16 years, playing covers of Joan Jett, Metallica, Misfits, Pantera and Kreator, among some others. With its constant work were given the task of composing their own songs with lyrics that reflected their own experiences, those that carried free by all that his music represents.

Poker - Ya No Es Un Juego (2013)

Poker - Ya No Es Un Juego (2013)

Since 2011 and in the hand of his musical producer Yizux Chacon, they grow and mature musically as a band; Paola Camelo enters Poker as their lead guitarist, being part of the band for two years and comes out in March 2014, returning to its original alignment Poker’s band.
3 singles of Poker are: (Attitude, Vomithrash and Open your eyes) plus Ep (It's not a game) which has 3 video clips.
Poker has alternated stage in national and international festivals, bars and bands throughout Colombia. In 2014 American began their first promotional tour in Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, ending each day with a great satisfactory result.