Mortirium |Thrash Death Metal Bands From Bogotá


Mortirium Metal Pictures

Mortirium is a band from Bogota focused on making Thrash Death Metal, which has been conceived from the 2012, achieving a sound which blend sounds ends of Extreme Death Metal, and on the other hand melodic metal. Their lyrics bring a profound content of the human intellect, sensations and a large amount of feelings. At the same time that provides a tribute to Colombia, a tour of its history and the whole process which has been responsible for the Colombian culture throughout the world.

The name Mortirium is inspired by the death of the heroes, the fallen warriors, a suffering people yearning for freedom and which is submitted to the constant martyrdom of humanity.

At the end of the year 2015, which would be launched Mortirium their first album entitled 'Metal', an EP containing four (4) themes themselves of the band, recorded and mixed by the colombian record label Master Machine Music.