Iblish, Black Metal, Medellin

Actualizada a las 22 horas del 03 de julio de 2018. Spanish version.

IBLISH was created in 2004 by Lord Moloch decided to create an evil horde that invoke the old infernal powers from wisdom through of personal rituals, being based on hatred on any religious doctrine and its creators: THE HUMAN RACE. The first called to conform the lines of IBLISH in the guitar was Flageler, thus being formed the first swarm, several battle’s hymns are made up: “Spiritual Massacre” and “Darkness For Ever” In the middle of 2005 IBLISH enlisted in the Bass and Voices to Agaliareth, the circle closes and gives its first attack, pure anti-human propaganda called “… From the abyss”, this demo contains three Tracks of fast and crude Black Metal done in the city most violent of the world: Medellín-Colombia.
For end of this same year the horde emanates another production, this of ultra-underground character, with ambient sound called “The human sentence” a sample of Black Metal this time most raw, five tracks that to expel pure hatred and misanthropy. After the first presentation of the band to the scene, it is decided to do without Agaliareth, one another new beast is invoked to interpret our hymns and above Astaroth with which the band obtains more aggressive and dark force, after a time decides to desert of the horde to give himself completely to its legion, immediately Lord Moloch returns to take the voices like at first, Flageler would to play the bass and would arrive the infernal presence of Warlord in the guitars, in the middle of the 2006 the horde recorded his promo-CD called “God is Dead”, a single track of Pure Anti-human Black Metal; after of record this material Flageler leaves the rows and in his place Dodsferd arrived, the circle is closed again and for the 2008 the fourth curse is conjured, this curse is called: “The Triumphal Arrival Of The Damned God” . Dodsferd leaves the band for personal reasons. We thanks to him for all his support during the time he was part of Iblish and we wish him the best with his projects. A new demon joins to the Iblish legions. Now we have the presence of DARKCROW at the bass guitar, founder and only member of black metal band Mantus.