Elkin Ramirez of the Kraken Band (Colombia) talking about his recovery process.

Elkin Ramirez of Kraken (Colombia) Talking About His Recovery Process.

The ‘Titan’ of the National Rock in Colombia and his struggle to live
By Julián Escudero Last Updated on September 12 of 2016. Spanish Version of this article In his long musical career, Elkin Ramírez has carried out a number of presentations not only with his Kraken band, but he has done a great amount of input musicals to the Rock in Colombia.

Elkin Ramirez of Kraken Band next to the Colombian band Agamez

After an enforced absence of Elkin Ramirez because of a surgery that it was practiced in his brain, this great singer of Rock in Colombia reappeared before their fans and would continue to fulfill its social agenda through its channel on Youtube.

Already through fifty years and now without his long hair, Elkin Ramirez appeared again in the social networks to speak on the subject of their recovery process after a group of doctors were finding a fibrous edema in his brain, which presented problems in their limbs.

Elkin Ramirez Kraken Colombia

Elkin Ramírez of Kraken Band

Elkin Ramirez Spoke About their Recovery Process

Elkin Ramirez apologized himself after having been away from the scenarios due to the time he need now for his recovery. The master of rock continues making progress in a process still somewhat called fragile health. I also take the opportunity to convey the news of the recording of the new album of Kraken in which that obviously will continue providing his followers with the voice of the titan, because their new disc is already in the stage of mixing and mastering.

Finally Elkin Ramirez gave a few words of thanks to all his audience in Colombia, where he said that the most valuable thing is to help the people in need in the difficult times. Then that this condition in the brain of Elkin put in risk the life of the singer, a large amount of their followers are still awaiting the progress of this artist.

In his 19 years Elkin Ramirez remembers being in front of a crowd that sought to listen to the hymns of the bands of the rock world, there in the Manrique district where it all began once for this Colombian artist.

The Childhood of Elkin Ramirez

Elkin Ramirez was a hyperactive child that found its way through the acetates of the greatest classical musicians as Beethoven and Mendelson. It was as well as this vocalist of rock began its work at a very early age, listening to classical music that would arouse his senses in a corner of his room, while on the other side of the house, his father liked to hear the melancholic tangos so popular in the city of Medellin, Colombia.

When he was just a child, her grandmother would buy him a disc which Elkin Ramirez had already seen several times through a showcase, and which had aroused something within him, until this point just for the design of its label. These first songs would wake up to one of the best voices of the Colombian Rock.

Thanks to his father that he was traveling in the United States, Elkin Ramirez had access from an early age to valuable books that would illustrate him, thanks to all the material sent to him by his father from there. It was for this reason that Elkin Ramirez I listened to the large collection of: Pink Floyd, Boston and Led Zeppelin, while the boys of his age shouted with Las Hermanitas Calle and Los Graduados in Colombia. Since early childhood he always felt a great admiration for Robert Plant, and its formation by his father would allow it to develop the artist who lived within him at that time.

From the Era of Violence in Medellin Until Our Days

Elkin Ramirez with his long hair and his leather jacket breathing freedom, because even though it had not taken the path of medicine or engineering in the University of Antioquia, expiring becoming The Titan of the Colombian Rock, decades ago, when the rock was a symbol underground that neighbored the Satanic Images that caused aversion in a religious society.

The Kraken Band born then thanks to Jaime Tobón, Hugo Restrepo, Jorge Atehortua (bassist) and Gonzalo Vasquez (drummer) in the year of 1984 at the mythical Theater Lux in Medellin, Colombia. And it was there when the city realized that the Colombian band Kraken existed, and represented a generation dissatisfied. A generation that was identified with the hymns of Todo hombre es una historia (Every man is a story), that did think the reality of thinking differently, in a city that wracked by violence outlined a generation of young people who were beginning to follow the Kraken. And from that moment would be responsible for till a musical career full of potholes and setbacks, which would take them to be large in Colombia.

Elkin Ramirez: The Legend of Rock

Of Elkin have been woven rumors, which has been talked about so that like is an envoy of the very lord of darkness, the typical rumors that manage to weave the legends. But although a fibrous edema broke today its health, thousands of followers throughout the world will pay tribute through their messages to provide accompanying him at this difficult time for the Titan of the Colombian Rock, who as the great person that has always been today.

Today Elkin Ramirez reflects that was never alone and will never be, since his lyrics immortalize him through Colombian Rock, is a father, a poet and an example in the eyes of many people, not only in Colombia but in all parts of the world.

Elkin Ramirez of Kraken sending a greeting and speaking of its recovery.