Fire |Infernal Speed Thrash Metal Bands From Pamplona


Fire Metal Pictures

The band was formed in 2005 in Pamplona Norte de Santander; with Jorge (drums), Carlos "Tata" (vocals and guitar) and Giovanny (bass). Shaping the first alignment of Fire; it would undertake a project of thrash metal. Influenced by bands of the old school of thrash metal. The band makes its debut concerts such as the "Pay Fest" in Cucuta, "Children of Darkness" in San Cristóbal. Achieving the launch of the first demo called: "Souls Burning in Fire" in 2006, for various reasons Jorge is forced to leave the band and is called to form part of the project a close friend, Edgardo. And it is so consolidated this alignment of the band. Achieving being part of large events such as "the Assault of Metal", "Rock" Barranca, in 2008 they recorded their second demo entitled Road to Grave which brought good reception among his fans.