Expect No Mercy |Thrash Death Metal Bands From Pereira


Expect No Mercy Metal Pictures

Expect No Mercy is a Thrash Death Metal band integrated in the 2011 year. This band is created by the intention of their members to point out trends and different styles of metal as the Thrash Metal and Death Metal classic.

From the beginning Expect No Mercy has not been subjected to so many changes in its formation, reason by which their musical influences have remained almost intact.

Thanks to its efforts, they have managed to share the stage with important Colombian metal bands, maintaining a spirit in which they wish to work in future record productions.

Among the events in which it participated Expect No Mercy are:

Fiestas de las Araucarias (Santa Rosa de Cabal)

Festival Vibra Rock (Viterbo)

Festival Rock al Viento (Apía)

And also they participated in the ‘Audiciones of the Festival Convivencia Rock’ (Pereira).