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Cold Catatonic Metal Pictures

Cold Catatonic is a musical-audiovisual project, which starts at the end of 2014, as an experimental idea alternates between the guitarist, engineer and producer Henry Acero ( Berklee College of Music ) and the singer and filmmaker Allan J Novoa , who at that time played with other groups of the > rock scene of Bogota .

In 2015 he started the composition and assembly work of what would be the first album of the group and that would be called Dark Past . The project was joined that year by drummer Oscar Robayo and bassist Julián Torres , who due to internal problems decided to leave the band in 2016, after having recorded the 11 songs that contains the disc in the Master Company studios of the Colombian capital.

The whole process of production, recording and mixing of the album is exposed in: The Hard Way Of Rock And Roll , the web series of this band, which is transmitted by the YouTube channel of the group.

In 2016, this alternative metal band gets the current lineup and decides to change the name of the album to Dante s Redemption , which is the title of the first single that was released from the album, which was released on April 27, 2017 along with its first video clip, which was directed by Allan J Novoa . The album was mixed by Henry Steel and mastered by Dave Collins at Dave Collins Inc (The Angeles, CA) .