The 2 Best Punk Bands in Colombia Today

The 2 Best Punk Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: October 14, 2016, 10 hours. Spanish Version of this page.
nacioncriminal Best Punk Bands From Colombia
Nacion Criminal Punk Bands from Bello, Antioquia (April 29, 2017.)
Nacion Criminal is a punk band that has been going on for a course of 6 years. This band is a strong demonstration of what gender punk can do, coupled with some personal taste on the part of its members. Nothing of radicalism is one of the messages that deliver. And that is why all the lyrical content of this band is clearly expressed in ...Keep reading...

ira Best Punk Bands From Colombia
IRA Punk Hard Core Bands from Medellín (September 13, 2016.)
I.R.A. (Acute Respiratory Infection) is one of the punk bands more important in Colombia. This band is formed in Medellin, Antioquia from the year of 1985 and the responsible for the birth of this band is David Viola (vocals, guitar). The meeting was presented with a few friends of David at the time...Keep reading...