The 4 Best Heavy Metal Bands in Colombia Today

The 4 Best Heavy Metal Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: October 12, 2016, 18 hours. Spanish Version of this page.
flyingspirit Heavy Metal Bands From Colombia
Flying Spirit Heavy Metal Bands from Bogotá (February 07, 2018.)
Flying Spirit is a group from Bogotá of heavy metal founded in 2008 with his first name ‘Slang’ changed to Flying Spirit in 2011. The history of Flying Spirit begins when Sebastian Cediel and Müller Figueroa formed a band called ‘Slang’ and recruited bassist Arturo Figueroa and guitarist David Garcia, who at that time toward the role of r...Keep reading...

kraken Heavy Metal Bands From Colombia
Kraken Rock Duro Progresivo Bands from Medellin (June 07, 2017.)
Kraken, a band of Colombia representative of the genre of rock and heavy metal. This band has been created in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia in the mid-year of 1984, appearing as one of the most important bands in the country since that time, the glorious deca...Keep reading...

hellbender Heavy Metal Bands From Colombia
Hellbender Heavy Metal Bands from Bogota (October 26, 2016.)
Hellbender was one of the best heavy metal bands from Colombia that produced Colombia, they released an EP titled 'Visions Revealed'......Keep reading...

argals Heavy Metal Bands From Colombia
Argals Metal Experimental Bands from Bogota (September 20, 2015.)
"Fate brings unexpected events, and at that very moment, it will change the course of our lives." In 2002 Argals began as a project initially comprised for the following line: Eiber (drums), Jorge - Brother (lead guitar) German (rhythm guitar), "Teo" (bass). The band then begins a stage including songs of bands like "L...Keep reading...