The 5 Best Hardcore Metal Bands in Colombia Today

The 5 Best Hardcore Metal Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: Spanish Version of this page.
ufology Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Ufology Bandas de Alien Metal de Bogotá (Abril 19, 2018.)
Ufology is a band of metal industrial electronic from Bogota. This musical project as such, it is conceived in the ideas of Mark Bryam Montaño and Edwin Castillo. And its first musical lineup would be achieved in the month of October 2010, at the time of the joining the band Jeison Castillo in the drums, and Jhon Montaño in the bass of th..Keep reading...

implosionbrain Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Implosion Brain Bandas de Progressive New Metal de Bogotá (Febrero 27, 2017.)
Alejandro Robles (Guitarrista, Coros), Implosion Brain(Guitarrista, Coros).
Moises Leano (Bajista) Implosion Brain(Bajista).
Julian Robles (Baterista, Coros) Implosion Brain(Baterista, Coros).
Edson Robles (Guitarrista).
Sergio Quevedo (Vocalista) Implosion Brain(Vocalista).
Implosion Brain is a Colombian progressive metal band, who participated in the Festival Rock Al Parque 2015 . The band has released an EP that would take its name "Implosion Brain" . ..Keep reading...

thetryout Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
The Tryout Bandas de Hardcore|Punk de Bogotá (Noviembre 28, 2015.)
Already with more than 6 years of experience this band from Bogota, has of its own with two albums, it also has toured Colombia. This group has been created in the year 2009, showing a reality from a positive point of view. Thanks to its sound and strength in the scenario, today are emerging as one of the most important hardcore bands..Keep reading...

colapso Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Colapso Bandas de Groove Metal de Bello (Noviembre 12, 2015.)
Colapso is a Colombian band that was born in 2002 in Bello, Antioquia. All of the lyrical content of this band from Antioquia is focused on a harsh reality, that leaves the victims latent in the middle of a violent situation in Colombia. In 2004, Colapso would be part of a collection entitled: Resists Vol. 1 ( Antimilisonoro-Red Youth), i..Keep reading...

golpedeestado Bandas de Black Metal Colombianas
Golpe De Estado Bandas de Groove Metal|Hardcore|Metalcore|Progressive de Medellín (Octubre 28, 2015.)
Golpe de Estado was reborn in the year 2009. This band of hardcore, produces a new sound loaded with great force that, combined with its lyrics that talk about everyday life, as well as social problems, unleash the power of their music in their live performances. This is a band of ..Keep reading...