The 4 Best Death Metal Bands in Colombia Today

The 4 Best Death Metal Bands in Colombia Today.

By Julian Escudero. Last Updated: October 12, 2016, 18 hours. Spanish Version of this page.
ebola Death Metal Bands From Colombia
Ebola Metal Bands from Medellin (September 19, 2016.)
Ebola’s band has been influenced by the music of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Kreator, Testament, Sepultura, Pantera, Motorhead and Slayer. And also by Colombian music bands with a great track record as Athanathor, Aphangak, ...Keep reading...

sacredgoat Death Metal Bands From Colombia
Sacred Goat Metal Bands from Bogotá (September 03, 2016.)
Sacred Goat is one of the colombian metal bands of the city of Bogota, starting in 2010 after that members of former metal projects carried out the original idea, which would lead to life the ideas of what would be Sacred Goat. This band seeks to enrich its own style. For that reason, they are looking to the guitars have sufficient...Keep reading...

releasedminds Death Metal Bands From Colombia
Released Minds Metal Bands from Medellín (August 14, 2016.)
Released Minds is a band that would be born running the year 2012, and whose initial name would be known as 'Mantra', a musical proposal which the main sounds, would be bound in the deathcore metal. This grouping had a series of presentations in several musical scenarios as the Death Metal Fight III (Bogota), Festival Prado Roc...Keep reading...

underthreat Death Metal Bands From Colombia
Under Threat Progressive Death Metal Bands from Bogota (September 20, 2015.)
Under Threat - Hipostasis (1999) Under Threat is a Colombian metalband focu...Keep reading...