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Athor is a Colombian band of Thrash Speed Metal, being created in 1998 in the city of Bogota. This is initially consisting of Fredy 'Taches' Barrera (guitar, voice), Eduardo Garcia (drums) and Leonardo Garcia (bass). With this alignment Athor would work a time in their first works of composition, a process in which were inspired by great bands of the decade of the eighties's (80's).

In the 2001 year Ricardo Vera would came to the band as a second guitar, participation that will improve the additional work of guitars in Athor. The sound of Athor can be defined as a sound full of speed, strength and riffs with a lot of energy in which were inspired by the ancient gods, battles emblematic and ancient civilizations.

Athor would begin then a series of concerts in Bogota, in which they were playing in different bars and important festivals for several years, participating in scene with different bands in Colombia. Coming the 2012 year Athor would dissolve leaving Fredy barrier at the head of this band from Bogota. Already by the end of the year 2014 Cristian Parra (bass) decides to enter as a bassist of Athor, being part with that is the beginning in working again in the songs of this grouping. At the beginning of 2015 enters Daniel Buitrago in the drums complementing its alignment.